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One day after spending a long time at work, I realized that it had been a while since I had seen the new releases at the movie theater. Instead of laying around the house all evening, I decided that it would be fun to take my husband out to a movie. We headed out, and it was incredible to feel how great it was to see something new and exciting. I was really impressed with how well the filmmakers had done with the movie, and I vowed to make going out more of a tradition. This blog is all about enjoying new releases, and knowing which films to choose for your night out.

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4 1990's Television Shows You Can Binge Watch With Your Children

As your children grow up, it's an amazing feeling to share your own childhood experience with them. It's a great way to bond and showcase how you were brought up. One way to share this is through a variety of television shows. By binge watching shows together with your child, you can relive memories, create new memories, and show them some classic television that still resonates today. Instead of waiting for reruns to air on television, it's easy to purchase complete TV series on Blu-Ray and enjoy the programming in HD quality and with just a push of a button. Browse through four different shows from the 90's that are great for watching with children of various ages.


For younger children, Rugrats is a great show that follows the adventures of babies like Tommy, Chucky, and Angelica. The series aired on Nickelodeon from 1991 to the early 2000s and featured nine seasons. When re-watching the episodes as an adult, it's amazing to see the effort that went into each episode design and the characters that were created. While your children can enjoy the fun and imaginative adventures, you can appreciate a lot of the humor and pop-culture references that went over your head when you were little. Along with the complete series, you can enjoy a variety of Rugrats feature films on Blu-Ray. This includes The Rugrats Movie, Rugrats in Paris, and The Rugrats Go Wild.

Saved by the Bell

As your children enter double digits, it's a good time to introduce them to the world of Bayside High. Featured on the show Saved by the Bell, the series follows multiple friends as they go through the ups and downs of high school life. Not only does the TV series feature 1990s culture at its finest, but it also has a lot of good themes and messages your child can learn from. Episodes focus on building friendships, dealing with bullies, and learning about honesty. The show also showcases the fun that can be had when times were simple and a lot of technology was not involved. There are also numerous episodes that feature musical elements and original songs. The whole series features five seasons with over a hundred episodes to enjoy.

Full House

Watch a family grow up and learn lessons in the classic sitcom Full House. The show is great for showcasing a lot of different family dynamics, along with instilling catchphrases that children can still use like "You got it, dude!" The show has eight seasons, giving you a lot of content to watch. A lot of the episodes feature key family moments that you can experience together. This includes episodes focuses on marriage, first days of school, getting a pet, and dealing with a death in the family. Each season also usually features a key holiday episode that are fun to watch around various celebrations.

Boy Meets World

Your children may be currently watching the spin-off show Girl Meets World, but you can take them back to where it all started by binge watching the original Boy Meets World on Blu-Ray. During the seven seasons, the journey of Corey Matthews and his friends extends from middle school to high school and eventually college. The show features a lot of lessons on friendships, growing up, and making the right decision. The long relationship between Corey and Topanga can also help teach your child about dating while young and the different dynamics hat are involved. After watching the original series, it will have a lot more meaning when characters and returning stories are used for the current spin-off.

Not only can you enjoy reliving the shows again, but it may help you bond with your child more and give you a lot to talk about. The lessons and themes focused on in the episodes can help give you exact examples to use while parenting your child.

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