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One day after spending a long time at work, I realized that it had been a while since I had seen the new releases at the movie theater. Instead of laying around the house all evening, I decided that it would be fun to take my husband out to a movie. We headed out, and it was incredible to feel how great it was to see something new and exciting. I was really impressed with how well the filmmakers had done with the movie, and I vowed to make going out more of a tradition. This blog is all about enjoying new releases, and knowing which films to choose for your night out.

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How To Plan A Memorable Birthday Party For Your Little Child

Is your little child just counting the days until his or her next birthday? If you are wondering what kind of party to have for your child, here are some ideas to help you make the event a memorable and fun one:

Get Your Child To Help - From the very beginning until the very end, get your child to help you with all the party planning. This will not only be fun, but it will make your child feel very important.

  • A good place to start is to pick a theme for the party. 
  • After picking the theme, make the party invitations and send them out at least two weeks before the big event.
  • Consider sending a text or email a day or two before the party.
  • Don't forget to add a RSVP to the invitation so you'll have an approximate number of how many will come.

Plan The Event - Will the party be held at your home or somewhere else?

  • If you have the party at home, think about holding it outside where you can include water games which are always popular.
  • If you're having the party inside, think of decorating just one room, and doing a slam-bang job on the decorating.
  • A really fun idea is to plan a party at a movie theater.
  • Pick an animated movie that all the kids have been anticipating to watch.

Picking The Movie - If you do decide to take the kids to see an animated movie, consider the type of movie they would enjoy most.

  • Again, involve your child in the selection of the animated movie for the party.
  • One consideration is The Emoji Movies which will bring to life all of those funny little characters on his computer.
  • To add a tiny bit of thrill, Hotel Transylvania will be a fun choice.
  • And, if the kids loved the first The Incredibles, you can be sure that they'll be excited about seeing The Incredibles 2.

No matter what you and your child decide to do for his or her birthday party event, be sure to send out thank you notes.  Simple handwritten notes created by your son or daughter will be fun to make together. Even more important, it will help your child to understand that saying Thank you! is a very nice gesture. Don't forget to take pictures, as they will someday be a reminder of a fun event.

Check out upcoming animated movies for more information and assistance.